Before sending the artwork

We have the technology to produce an optimal print result on your selected bags. This means it’s especially important that the artwork we get from you is the same high quality. We get the best results from digital artwork that fulfils the criteria below.


To print on a product, we need plates and to create these we need to produce a proof using your print artwork. It is sufficient for the artwork to contain your logo/desired print, but if desired, we can send you a template for our carrier bags if you would like to create more detailed artwork. Today most artwork is digital and there are numerous software programs and file formats to choose from. Ideally, we prefer to receive PDF & AI files (high resolution, press ready, with any images embedded and fonts converted to outlines).


The images to be printed must be at least 300ppi in their original size. Ppi indicates the number of pixels per inch that the image comprises. In other words, the image must have a resolution of 300ppi in the size/measurements that it is to have on the finished carrier bag. Colours are possibly the trickiest area in working with printed materials. The big question is what is the right colour? Deciding this involves thinking about references, different colour combinations, different colour scales and, above all, different materials. If the same specific colour is printed on plastic bags, letter paper and a sign, you’ll see a big difference in the colours of these different products. The most relevant issue for us is the difference between our two substrates – brown or white. If an exact shade is a priority, we recommend white paper as your only option. A brown substrate cannot reproduce the same Pantone/CMYK reference as a white substrate. The materials used for our products can only be printed with the Pantone (PMS) U scale and CMYK.


Vectorised AI or EPS file or high resolution (press ready) PDF file

The text must be converted to outlines

Solid colours must be shown with the Pantone reference (unless they are part of a CMYK print job)

Use Pantone U for our kraft paper

Images must be a minimum 300ppi in their original size

Embed any links (or enclose them separately)

Documents must be saved as CMYK not RGB

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