Our unique carrier bag

The Swedbag bag is no ordinary paper bag. It’s the result of an eco-friendly, high-tech manufacturing process that we can trace all the way from the forest to the finished bag. The Swedbag bag is made from locally produced kraft paper, made from pulp from mainly Scandinavian paper mills, which is printed and converted in our own factory in Jordbro outside Stockholm. No unnecessary transport is involved and we have complete control across the entire production chain. A high-quality Swedish paper carrier bag through and through. A Swedbag!

The right bag for the right needs

What’s the bag going to carry and what does it need to convey? We make sustainable carrier bags with twisted or flat handles in different sizes based on a standard range. Here at Swedbag, we offer the unique opportunity to choose between twisted and flat handles under one roof. First think about how the bag will be used and what it’s going to carry. We often recommend twisted handles over traditional flat handles where possible. Twisted handles are perfect for many contexts, large and small, and give a more exclusive look. The choice of handle combined with colour and paper grade further enhances the customer experience. A good bag is used over and over again. It’s part of the important retail infrastructure, enabling stores to take the purchasing experience to a new level and continuing to communicate as a bearer of advertising long after the purchase is completed.

Printing expertise you can trust!

The printing on the bag highlights the important brand and opens up creative exposure opportunities. The paper bag is a cost-effective, appreciated bearer of advertising and when it’s done right, it shows off the business in a positive light. 

We print on paper carrier bags using a flexographic printing technique. Our modern printing press in Jordbro is certified for Full HD Flexo, producing the best possible print quality with consistent clarity, depth and expanded colour reproduction. Our Full HD Flexo process eliminates the previous gap between traditional offset printing and flexographic printing, producing fantastic results.


Experience and attention to detail are the basis of a professional print result.


A new way of making flexographic plates for the best in print quality.


For superb quality and the perfect end result.

Standard sizes

Choose your carrier bag based on the job it’s going to do for the brand and the customer.
We offer a wide range with twisted or flat handles.

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